House Thane is a noble house in the Western Argent River Valley.


Motto: Forsake Nothing

House Thane was formed in the time of the Andal invasion, when the House’s founder, Ser Evan, scandalously won the heart of a daughter of the Mountain King, and was granted lordly title over lands in Western Argent Valley Region as a form of banishment. Though out of favor, the House soon won themselves back into the good graces of the King, leading the Houses of the Argent Valley region through the mountain passes to come to the King’s aid in the battle of Reynar’s Folly. Their loyalty to the Mountain King has served them well over the course of their history, and they are known to be strong supporters of the line of Arryn. Such has not changed in recent times, as House Thane was one of the first to join the King’s forces in response to the Five Fingers Rebellion despite being one of the farthest from the conflict.

House Thane has, for the last hundred years, been in a period of decline. A series of natural disasters, clan raids, and conflicts with other noble Houses has greatly reduced the size of their domain and left much of what was once a rich territory, in ruin. Lord Malcolm is considered to be a competant ruler, though has not distinguished himself significantly in the eyes of the realm, and seems to be reluctant to pass the mantle of lordship to his eldest son, Brandon, who has shown considerable promise. Lord Malcolm suffered the loss of his first wife shortly after his first two sons, Brandon and Aelric, were born, though married quickly thereafter to the Lady Eliza, who gifted him with his third son, Arian, and his only daughter, Vivian.

Lord Malcolm Thane
Lady Eliza Thane
Ser Brandon Thane
Ser Aelric Thane
Ser Arian Thane
Lady Vivian Thane

Maester Josiah

Ser Gregory
Ser Niklos

Meredith Lorene

Lady Aenella Thane (Deceased)

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