Ser Brandon Thane

Ser Brandon, First Son and Heir to the House of Thane


Brandon is gregarious and passionate by nature, outwardly proud of his station and often found in good humor. He has the tendency to be both bold and brash, displaying his emotions openly and without reservation. Like his Father, Brandon has no tolerance for those who would offend him, though, true to his nature, he tends to deal with such situations openly and directly, and has been counseled often on the merits of caution and discretion.

Brandon has the look and temperament of a warrior, his features clearly displaying his strong Andal heritage, having inherited the features of his mother and father in equal measure.


Born of Lord Malcolm and Lady Aenella, Brandon is the eldest of Lord Malcolm’s sons and the heir to House Thane. He has been tutored closely by his father and Ser Gregory for most of his life, and is thought to be nearing the time when he will take the mantle of lordship from his father and lead House Thane into the next generation.

Brandon is, as of yet, unmarried, as Lord Malcolm has shown considerable patience in securing a match for his son, though some say he has not acted quick enough, as concerns mount over how recent events will affect the House’s political standing.

Ser Brandon Thane

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