Lady Vivian Thane

Lady Vivian, Daughter of the Noble House of Thane


Like Arian, Vivian has been blessed with the dark beauty and grace of her mother, and such features have done nothing but deepen as she has approached the end of her youth. Unlike her mother, she is somewhat waifish and is more brazen, known for balancing a playful wit with a measure of tact so as to often approach the edge of impropriety, without ever truly giving offense. Though showing affection for her entire family, she is closest to her brother Arian, and the two were known to be inseparable over the course of their youth.


Lady Vivian is the only daughter born to the Thane line, conceived of Lord Malcolm and Lady Eliza, and is the youngest of Lord’s children. Over the course of her life, she has spent considerable effort preparing for a courtly life, studying under the heavy tutelage of both her mother and Maester Josiah, and has seemingly learned much through her limited experience in foreign courts. Lady Vivian is quickly approaching marrying age, and it is expected that the combination of her qualities and training will guarantee her a good match.

Lady Vivian Thane

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