Lady Eliza Thane

Lady Eliza, Lady of House Thane


Bearing the dark hair and eyes of her heritage, Lady Eliza is an image of grace and beauty, displaying a delicate balance of strength and elegance that could only be born of exotic origins. She is known to have a sharp mind and wit, and is said to be deeply involved in the management of the House, though what specific duties she has been entrusted with are not widely known. Lady Eliza seems most at home in courtly settings, having a persuasive manner and a pleasant demeanor that tends to put people at ease in her presence, and her influence can clearly be seen within Argent’s End, having brought a measure of culture and sophistication to Lord Malcolm’s court.


Lady Eliza Thane was born as Eliza Sande, daughter to a once prominent merchant family native to the isle of Myr. In her youth, tragedy would claim the lives of both her father and brother, leaving her, quite unexpectedly, as the heir to her family’s trading empire. Their sudden demise would have a significant impact upon the House’s business operations, and, though Eliza would perform admirably as the head of her household, House Sande would never again reach the level of affluence it once had under the direction of her Father.

The exact particulars on how Lady Eliza met and was wed to Lord Malcolm are unclear. No known connection existed between the two Houses prior to their engagement, and the decision by Lord Malcolm took many by surprise. House Thane was in good standing at the time of their union, and many believe that the Lord could have made a much stronger match. Though a number of motivations have been cited as likely reasons for the union, Lord Malcolm has never commented on the issue, leaving the matter up for some measure of speculation.

Though well thought of, Lady Eliza clearly lives in the shadow of her predecessor who was greatly loved by both the common folk and Lord Malcolm. Seemingly unaffected by such favoritism, she has displayed nothing short of complete devotion to the House and its people, and has done well by Lord Malcolm, blessing his line with two healthy children who strongly bear her features. As her children approach the end of their youth, she remains directly involved in their tutelage, and is thought to be seeking matches for all of the four children in Lord Malcolm’s line.

Lady Eliza Thane

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