House Pelwyn is a noble house in the Western Argent River Valley.

Motto: Soaring Above

Dating back to the time of the Andal Invasion, House Pelwyn traces its roots back to the great Andal hero, the warrior poet Corbett Pelwyn. For his glorious deeds in battle and court, Corbett was granted lands and title in the northeastern valley. Since its founding, the house has had a pattern of rising and falling fortunes, but has never failed to remind others of its storied founder and heroic ancestors, nor neglected to mention bouts of madness and infamy. House Pelwyn seems to be favored by an odd luck, that whenever its fortunes are at its lowest ebb, it produces an exceptional heir to guide it back to prominence.

The family takes the courtly and musical pursuits of its founder to heart and the house stronghold of Eagle’s Rest has become a bastion of arts and courtly grace in the valley. Justin Pelwyn still runs his household despite severe injuries received in battle. He is barely mobile and no longer able to fight, but is still a capable steward of his lands. His son and heir is whispered to be something of a wastrel, but all in Eagle’s Rest are quite taken with his lady wife, Theodora, who is at ease in the courtly realm of house Pelwyn.

Justin Pelwyn, 46

Niall, Heir, 24

Theodora, Niall’s wife, 19

Edvard, Son, 21

Maester Ronnar Penn


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