House Morimeld is a noble house in the Western Argent River Valley.

Motto: Blood of the Mountains

Duras Morimeld was a famous hedge knight from the Vale who sought service with Aegon Targaryen. In many battles, tournaments, and intrigues the short, dark knight proved himself a worthy and stalwart servant to the Crown. Raised to a lord for his service, Duras Morimeld returned home and set about carving out his lands from the mountains. The Morimelds claim a long, noble ancestory despite their relatively recent elevation, claiming blood of chieftains of the First Men. While many doubt their claim to ancient nobility, none doubt the have blood of the First Men, for they are generally shorter in stature, and dark of hair and eye. To hear some say it, they are aloof, others will say they are as much clansmen as human.

The Morimeld are reclusive, somewhat due to their isolation in the Valley of the Green Sea. Much whispering and distrust of the Morimelds can be traced to Lord Helfyr Morimeld who virtually sealed the valley off from the rest of the world for his entire reign. Despite its eccentricities, House Morimeld is known for producing the occasional exceptional knight. Most recently, it was Sir Bragas Morimeld, who fought many battles and was slain, at the age of fifty, in the War of the Ninepenny Kings. The current lord, Ullam, has twins— a son and daughter, but no other issue.

Ullam Morimeld, 40

Igrath Morimeld, 37

Urian Morimeld, son, 18

Ragana Morimeld, daughter, 18


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