House Manning is a noble house in the Western Argent River Valley.

Motto: Stone Does Not Yield

House Manning was granted noble status and lands after Ser Jedric Manning led the valley men to victory over a great host of clansmen. Seizing the Banner and helm of the fallen Lord Holden, Jedric rallied the Vale forces and drove the clansmen back into the mountains. Since then, the Mannings have always been at the forefront of the defense against incursions, though no ancestors have challenged Jedric’s fame. The current Lord, Artur Manning, came to power after his eldest brother, Ansel, was caught up in a scandalous affair with a married lady while in King’s Landing. Details are somewhat sketchy, but the lady was a member of court and at least one duel was fought. It is believed Ansel is either dead or on the Wall.

While Artur’s wife of many years passed months ago from illness, his heir Troye has married lady Odella Rutley from a family near King’s Landing and he seems quite pleased with the match. Recently House Manning has renewed its rivalry with House Harte over a few homesteads they both claim dominion over on the Argent River. Artur Manning is a man well known to dig in his heels in a negotiation, so few believe it will be settled without either bloodshed or the intervention of Lord Arryn.

Artur Manning, 47

Troye, 23

Odella, Troye’s wife, 18

Kevan, 20 Darren, 16


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