House Lydon is a noble house in the Western Argent River Valley.

Motto: The Mountains are Eternal

Founded almost nine hundred years ago, Ser Barthen Lydon was raised from a household knight to a Lord to help defend the lands of the Western Argent Valley from attacks of the mountain clans. The first century of the house was marked by scandal, the most notable being the widespread spawning of bastards of Lord Delman Lydon the Lascivous, who tradition credits with somewhere between thirty and fifty bastard children. The most reputable ancestor was Ser Harden Lydon, who won Glory for his house and the Vale in the days of Aegon the Conqueror both on the battlefields of Dorne and most notably for a string of victories on the Tournament Field against the finest knights in the realm.

The house nominally headed by Oswin, the young heir, but he is advised by Lady Ursula Lydon, his clever and strong-willed mother, and Ser Ennis Tayne, the Lydon Master-of-Arms. An attractive woman in her fortieth year, Lady Ursula is a favorite of courtly gossip, for she is believed to have entertained a string of paramours and lovers. The latest rumor places her with Ser Ennis, though many doubt the free-spirited Ursula would settle for such a dour man.

Lady Ursula Lydon, 40

Oswin, son, 17 Illyana, daughter, 20 Marisa, daughter, 15

Ser Ennis Tayne, 36


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