House Jerris is a noble house in the Western Argent River Valley. They are bannermen of House Darrow.

Motto: Valor, Honor, Truth

Raised to lordship in the aftermath of the Blackfyre Rebellion for loyalty to the Targaryens from the ashes of a rebellious house, Jerris have been star-crossed since their beginning. The first lord Jerris was a hedge knight raised above his station whose claim to fame was surviving the Slaughter of the Reeds that took so many lives before the rebels were defeated by House Darrow. Lord Marden Jerris nearly starved his people to death while building a rambling, nearly indefensible castle, and Lord Auld Jerris the Lackwit began and lost an ill advised war with house Darrow after a perceived insult.

Since swearing to Darrow as bannermen nearly two decades ago, Jerris’s fortunes have improved, and the humiliating circumstances of their vassalage are all but forgotten. Jerris’s forces fought bravely and well in the recent incursion of clansmen, and Lord Davon has proven a stalwart supporter of Conall Darrow. Lord Davon is both searching for a new wife after his second wife passed away without issue, and seeking an advantageous marriages for his daughters. The issue is complicated since there is no clear heir and the succession is in some doubt.

Lord Davon Jerris, 40

Helena, daughter, 19
Ludmilla, daughter, 17

Ser Cedric Jerris, uncle, 35

Anamelle Jerris, wife of Cedric, 31

Selma, daughter, 3


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