House Thane Information

Items of Note Regarding the Lands of House Thane

People, Customs, and Culture

· The Festival of the Dawn is greatly celebrated – linked with house’s inception. House Thane held tournaments in their time of glory.

· Custom dictates that women who are married out of or into House Thane wear a wreath of Mountain Violets during the ceremony. Many of the common folk have adopted the practice, though rarely are such flowers limited to the headpiece alone.

· People tend to be cultured, in opposition with their rustic and isolated environment. The Silver Pass opened up the significant access to other cultures, and had a lasting effect on the populace, bringing a measure of civility and culture to an otherwise rugged land.

· The most recent mountain clan raids were the first to successfully reach a Thane settlement in nearly 100 years.

· The will of those who live on Thane lands are nearly broken due to the devastation of the clan invasion. They have long been protected, and though resilient, have been affected by the latest series of raids that crossed the

· The former Lady of House Thane was greatly admired and loved by the people. Though the newest bride of the Lord seems to be admired by the realm, it is clear that she will never win them over in the way that her predecessor did.

· Due to the prominent roles that women have played in their history, the council of the Lady of the House is given more weight than it would be in other, more traditional houses.

The Mountains and the Valley of Myrelle

· Bright white and blue flowers, called mountain violets, dominate the floor of the valley, spanning a far as the eye can see. The flowers are often harvested to be used in a rich dye, which is a significant product of export. When the flowers are right for harvesting, their petals often come off in the wind, covering entire fields in a beautiful wafting display of blue and white.

· The Valley of Myrelle has been blessed with extremely rich soil, well suited for farming, especially in the land surrounding the Argent.

· The west of the Valley of Myrelle is home to the Grove of Aenella, a moderate forest of black maple trees that was favored by the former Lady of the House. It is said that Lord Malcolm originally intended to cut down the forest as it presented a possible means for clansman to enter the valley under cover, but was persuaded to allow it to remain due to his wife’s love for it. When Aenella passed, her ashes were spread across the grove, forbidding any further logging or hunting within it, and it is said that he often returned there when his thoughts would turn to her. However, the during the recent clan raids, the forest was set ablaze. Much of it is in ruin with parts still burning from the initial conflagration, leaving its future somewhat unclear.

Argent’s End

· The floor and the walls of the mountain exhibit a black sheen that causes the fortress to gleam in moonlight

· Argent’s End has four towers of note: The Tower of the Seneschal, facing West, the Tower of the Vale, facing East, the Tower of the Watch, facing North, and the Silver Tower, facing South.

· Argent’s End is built on a series of passages and catacombs that both harbor the former Lord’s of Thane and contain hidden passages into both the mountains and the Valley of Myrelle. The passages are a twisting labyrinth, nearly impossible to navigate unguided, and are always garrisoned.

o Those who draw the duty to watch over the passages of the caverns are said to have drawn the “Stranger’s Vigil”

o Often report voices and moving shadows. Echoes of the cavern and tricks with the torchlight.

o One Lord claimed that his ancestors spoke to him from the burial chamber.

o The Argent feeds underground pools beneath the castle. Accessible from the catacombs.

· A wide, though gentle mountain stream flows north to south through the center of Argent’s End. To each side of it, soil has been deposited and flowers transplanted. A walkway has been built along it, known as the “Queen’s Walk”. In the center of the castle, within the inner sanctum of the Lord’s courtyard, the stream has been worked into a small pond surrounded with Trees. It was built as a gift to a former lady of the house. It is known as the “Thinking Pool”.

· House Thane is renowned for its Cavalry, often seen riding down the winding passes from the heights of Agent’s end to thunder across the plains of the Valley of Myrelle in their regular patrol of the Mountain passes.

Relics of House Thane:

· A lock of Lady Laurel’s hair, preserved in amber,

· Ser Evan’s Visor, Armguard, and a fragment of his shattered lance. The armor pieces were said to have been worn by Ser Evan during the duels for Lady Laurel’s hand. The armor bears the initial insignia of House Thane.

House Thane Information

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