House Harte is a noble house in the western Argent Valley.

Motto: Swift and Strong

House Harte was raised into nobility due to the long and distinguished service of Marten Harte during the period of Great Raids along the eastern coast of the Vale in the years before Aegon’s Conquest. Given lands and title in the Western Argent River Valley, House Harte helped bolster the defense against clan raiders and rebellious lords for decades. The house fell out of favor under the reign of Guthren Harte, who attracted to his service criminals, bandits and other undesirables. Known alternately as the Robber Lord or Grabber Harte, Heart’s Hold became a den of thieves until Guthren was overthrown on the eve of the Blackfyre Rebellion by his uncle, Ser Fergus Harte.

Since that time house Harte has had a strong martial tradition and has been largely untouched by scandal. The house has had a rivalry with House Manning almost since its inception that has often led to bloodshed. Most recently the two houses have been contesting control over a small settlement athwart the Argent River and most in the valley believe it will come to blows. House Harte has lost its second son, Kiel, who was killed in battle during the recent uprising of the Mountain clans.

Gerard Harte, 45
Ella Harte, 43

Gilson, heir, 21 Kiel, son, 18, deceased Sylvie, daughter, 16 Eilene, daughter, 14

Ser Etan Hogg


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