House Graydon is a noble house in the Western Argent River Valley.

Motto: Cunning is Strength

House Graydon was founded when then King Arryn raised a trusted advisor to the nobility nearly a thousand years ago, house Graydon has endured the years without notable reverses, and but a handful acts of greatness. The most famous ancestor is Ethelred Graydon, who was the leader of the united banners at the Battle of Gryphon’s Leap, where a horde of clansmen were crushed. The victory owed more to preparation, and, as the house motto suggests, cunning, then sheer martial prowess. In recent times, Graydon has remained in the good graces of Lord Arryn and has been a sure, steady influence on the region.

Situated where the Swift Stone River joins the Argent River, Graydon boasts the largest settlement in the Argent Valley, Balecross, a large town on a site that has been settled since the time of the First Men. Graydon is one of the most wealthy and influential houses in the Western Argent Valley. Lord Alefric has never been known as a warrior, but few would underestimate the Gray Fox. He remarried when his first wife passed nearly eight years ago. His young heir, Athel, is shaping up to be a worthy knight, but is untested in the stewardship of a house. Alefric has just begun to seek out marriage matches for his daughters. While the house maintains Castle Holstrom in the mountains, the Lord and his advisors are most often found at Silversteel, the tower that defends Balecross.

Lord Alefric Graydon, 43

Lady Lysara, 25

Kendall, son, Heir, 15 Kiara, daughter, 19 Onora, daughter, 17 Brookelle, daughter, 6 Florian, son, 2

maester Matias Mayson

Ser Pathon Hyde

Ser Cheyn Atwell


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