House Fulton is a noble house in the Western Argent River Valley. They are bannermen to House Graydon.

Motto: Courage Never Sleeps

House Fulton came into being as part of the reinforcement of the valley in the decades before Aegon’s Conquest. The first lord Fulton was a trusted and valuable retainer of House Graydon, who raised by Lord Arryn for his service to the Vale. House Fulton has been a banner house of Graydon ever since and while not possessing the most fertile lands, they have managed to keep the house’s fortunes positive over the years. Only the most knowledgeable bards or maesters can recall a famous individual from house Fulton. Even their founder is an obscure man. But all know them as stalwart allies of House Graydon, and never have they failed to muster in defense of the valley.

The current lord, Rayce Fulton, has ruled his house for over three decades, and shows little sign of slowing down. He has three adult male children. He is a capable steward and was a brave and competent warrior in his day, though those days are long passed for him. His heir, Edgerth, has wed and produced two children, while his second son serves in a noble retinue at King’s Landing. While rumor has it that Edgerth is itching to take over the family lands, all outward signs show contentment in the Fulton lands.

Lord Rayce Fulton, 56
Lady Vitoria, 47

Ser Edgerth, heir, 29
Lady Delores, daughter, 25
Velda, daughter, 7
Vergil, son, 4

Ser Pelton, son, 26 (in King’s Landing)

Ser Horton, son, 22


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