House Darrow is a noble house in the Western Argent River Valley.

Motto: Courage Burns Bright

The house of Darrow dates back to Aegon’s conquest and was born from a treacherous deed. Lord Barden Huld was an strong opponent of the Targaryens, a leading voice in resisting their coming to the Vale, who was slain by one of his liegemen, Sir Donal Darrow. The treachery is a favorite subject of bards, poets, and mummers with depictions of Donal as a hero, a villain, or a pawn in equal abundance. Darrow has been a quiet, steady house over the years, drawing little notice for good or ill until the Blackfyre Rebellion, when Lord Pallen Darrow won a shocking victory over the now extinct House Baldwyn at the Battle of the Red Hills who was marching in support of the Blackfyres. Many credit Pallen’s victory has keeping the valley for the true Targaryens.

Recently, Lord Nevin Darrow passed away suddenly from illness, leaving his seventeen year old son, Conall as his heir. With the help of the house advisors and bannerman Lord Davon Jerris, the young heir was able to keep the clan raiders at bay in the recent troubles. While the defense of the land was adequate, no judgement on young Conall’s abilities can accurately be made. His uncle, Ser Cormac Darrow, has recently returned from Longbow Hall to help advise the boy. How much control the young lord exerts over the house is also an open question.

Lord Conall Darrow, 17

Arin, Brother, 14

Karissa, Sister, 16

Ser Cormac Darrow, 37

Ser Bruce Stone, 26

Septon Grathan, 51


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