House Dardell is a noble house in the Western Argent Valley.

Motto: Valor in Service

A recent house, Lord Emmond Dardell was a landed knight raised to Lord status by Aerys Targaryen for a litany of brave service and feats of arms in southern Westeros. Since that time, Dardell has been deftly helping to defend the Northeast River Valley from clansmen. Emmond’s wife passed away several years ago from illness and he has shown no inclination to remarry and instead seems to focus his interest on securing a good match for his eldest son and heir, Henry, who is past due for marriage. His middle son, Ser Petyr, was recently killed in combat with clansmen.

Emmond, though getting on in age and beginning to feel some infirmities, is a still a gifted knight. His stewardship and political acumen appear to be adequate, but unspectacular. Henry has earned some notice on the lists and on the field of battle but seems not to be the knight his father was at the same age.

Emmond Dardell, 48

Henry, Son, 21

Petyr, Son, 18 deceased

Erwin, Son, 17

Ser Brindin Fenmarc, 18, Ward


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