House Aden is a noble house in the Western Argent River Valley.

Motto: Weather the Storm

House Aden traces its roots back to the Andal Invasion. The first kings of the Vale placed stalwart House Aden at the far end of the Kingdom to guard the Northeastern Marches against the clansmen. After centuries of power and influence, seeing the rise of the famous hero, Bernal Aden, the source of the house’s slogan for his desperate stand against a horde of invading clansmen, Aden began a long, slow decline with the mad Chandros “The Twice Cursed” who threw foe and friend alike to their deaths from his high towers as the mood struck him. Aden reached its nadir when factions within the house turned on themselves during the Blackfyre Rebellion. The carnage nearly destroyed the house, with the only survivor of Aden blood being a third son, Joras the True.

In the last generation, the house has managed to revive its fortunes somewhat. While no longer the most prominent house of the region, Lord Bern Aden has distinguished himself both at Tourney and battle, most recently leading the forces that crushed the horde of clansmen under the leadership of Turmek Stonecrown. New activity is seen throughout Aden’s modest lands. A Maester of the Citadel has been brought to Swiftrun to advise Lord Aden and tutor his sons. While Bern is still a relatively young man, his eldest son, Joras, has reached his 13th name day and has already drawn comment as an exceptional youth.

Bern Aden, 35

Celene Aden, 30

Joras Aden, heir, age 13
Bernas Aden, age 10
Wilton Aden, age 7

Maester Vandren Giddon, 56

Ser Philip Chumley, Master-of-Arms, 42

Ser Pedar Howarth, Sworn Knight, 27


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