Ser Arian Thane

Ser Arian, Third Son of the Noble House of Thane


“There is nothing more powerful than beauty in a wicked world”

Ser Arian has inherited nearly all of his features from his mother and that of the Sande line, possessing the alluring beauty and deadly grace that is characteristic of his Myrish heritage. He is said to be well spoken with a convincing manner, while maintaining an aura of intensity that speaks to a passionate nature. He seems to get along well with his family, though is seemingly closest to his sister Vivian, maintaining a bond with her that traces back deep to the earliest days of his youth.


Ser Arian is the youngest son of the Thane line, the first child born of the union of Lord Malcolm and Lady Eliza. Arian is quickly approaching the age of his adulthood, and though he has not distinguished himself in any occasion of merit, he is said to be a skilled Knight and is generally thought well of by those who have met him. Though Arian has not received the level of attention and tutelage from his Father that his brother’s have, he has been mentored closely over the course of his life; martially, from Ser Nikolas, and worldly, from both Maester Josiah and his Mother, giving some confidence in his ability to meet the expectations of his station. For similar reasons, Ser Arian has had little experience in that of foreign courts ,and it is only recently that Lord Malcolm has begun to include him in his dealings with other Houses, presumably for the purpose of finding him a suitable match.

Ser Arian Thane

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