Ser Aelric Thane

Ser Aelric, Second Son of the House of Thane


Aelric, much like his father, has a quiet demeanor and a cautious manner, preferring to listen and observe rather than to force a viewpoint or be the center of attention. He is somewhat introverted, though he has a strong, if not quiet, wit and has proved himself to be at least capable in social situations. When around Brandon, Aelric is more likely to let down his guard, speaking easier and freer than he would in mixed company, though in matters of importance, he remains meticulously formal.


Born of Lord Malcolm and Lady Aenella, Aelric is the second son of the Thane line. A year younger than his oldest brother, Aelric has been raised in much the same manner as Brandon, the Lord treating with both equally and directly over the course of their lives. Aelric has always known that his future role in the House would be one in support of his brother, and, in accordance with this, his training regimen has been greatly influenced by those disciplines to which Brandon either showed no interest or was not entirely suited.

Aelric is an accomplished knight , but does not have the passion for battle that Brandon does, preferring the tactical interplay of the engagement over the actual act of war Though reasonably strong and able bodied, Aelric draws most of his features from his mother, leaving him with a softer appearance than his brother or father, yet still displays such characteristics that speaks to his Andal heritage.

Ser Aelric Thane

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