Meredith Lorene

Meredith Lorene, Minstrel in the Service of House Thane


Meredith is a trained and skilled artist, adept with a number of different instruments, accomplished as both a satirist and poet, and has been blessed with a singing voice that, it is said, could cause even the most hard of heart to weep in her presence. She has a simple beauty and a biting wit that, when matched with her charisma, makes her a welcome addition to any court, and it is thought that she turned down a number of respectable opportunities to accept her current commission with House Thane.


Meredith was brought to court by Lady Eliza, and is kept on retainer as a permanent member of House Thane’s court. She has been in attendance for all events of significance that have involved the Lord or his family, and has brought a measure of culture to the halls of Argent’s End. Though originally thought to have been commissioned in an effort to accentuate the merits of House Thane’s heir, she has, most recently, spent the majority of her time with Ser Arian, remaining close to him since his return from House Thane’s duties in the suppression of the Five Finger’s Rebellion.

Meredith Lorene

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