Lord Malcolm Thane

Lord Malcolm, Lord of House Thane


The Lord of House Thane has shown himself to be a competent ruler, both in his ability to manage his lands and sustain relations with the neighboring Lords. He maintains an appropriate presence at the King’s court, keeping himself abreast of the politics of the realm and remains actively involved in the overall management of his domain.

Lord Malcolm is known to be both a calculating and ambitious man, most often preferring to keep any plans he has for the House to himself and a few carefully chosen advisors. Malcolm’s secretive and shrewd nature has, at times, proven to be a detriment to his dealings with other Lords, but his usefulness and competence tend to offset this social impediment. He is known to have a long memory, rarely dismissing a slight or wrongdoing, even over the passing of a significant span of years, though, in concert with his nature, has shown patience in exacting retribution. He shows great pride for his House and heritage, and presumes status that, at times, could be considered above his station.

Lord Malcolm makes no effort to hide his favor for his two eldest children, both from his first marriage, and has worked hard to secure a strong future for his heir. Though he is still heavily involved in the dealing of the house, he involves his eldest sons strategically, displaying patient, or perhaps reluctant, willingness to slowly pass the mantle of Lordship onto the next generation. This favoritism is thought to stem from his enduring devotion to his first wife, Aenella who passed soon after their second son, Aelric, was born. Though Malcolm treats well with Lady Eliza, it is rare to see grandiose overtures of affection between them, and it is clear to most that he has never fully come to terms with Aenella’s death.

Lord Malcolm Thane

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