Lady Aenella Thane (Deceased)

Lady Aenella, First Wife of Lord Malcolm and Lady of House Thane


Lady Aenella is said to have had strong Andal features, fair haired and able bodied in the model of the Ladies of the oldest Mountain Houses. She was said to have a simple love for her family and her subjects, and that her many displays of such were reciprocated by the devotion of her people. Though it has now been a great many years since her passing, she has not been forgotten, and it said that while those who knew her still live, she will forever remain, in memory, as the Lady of House Thane.


Lady Aenella was Lord Malcolm’s first wife, originally born of House <house name="true">, and of strong Andal stock. During her time as the Lady to House Thane, Aenella gave birth to two strong sons, Brandon and Aelric, and won the love of her people, being more attentive to them than would be expected for a woman of her station. A year after the birth of Aelric, she would die of natural causes, though her memory and the people’s love for her lives on, and it is often said that, with her death, a shadow passed over the lands of Thane that has never receded.

Lady Aenella Thane (Deceased)

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